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Bug Fixes and Feature Updates


Thank you for sharing this great control. I wanted to use it, but found some missing features as well as some bugs as I attempted to use id. I did resolve some of the reported issues on the Issue Tracker as well as added some new features. Attached is the update so maybe you can review and update the master code; these are very little tested updates but seem to work. In summary the updates include:
  • Added Menu ItemClick support so events are handled at the Menu level. Can click on MenuBarItem or MenuItem they both raise the Click event
  • Added Icon Image support, so that now the menu items can have Icons if needed, using ImageSource. This works great for Images that are marked as Resource on the Build action under SL project.
  • Added IMenuItem interface to make menu events handling better.
  • Resolved the problem with Overlay and ZIndex and the menu seems to show fine now in my case at least
  • Updated the Theme so that a nice smooth theme is provided with some rounded edges
  • Smart Sub Menu Showing - added logic to make sure if the menu will show off the screen, the nested menu will switch to show on the left and not on the right of the screen so it is not hidden.
  • SL 4 and SL 5 support. The version I am sending is in Silverlight 4. But if you change and build inSL 5, it builds and it works.
    So, these are some of the updates, and as stated, they are not tested in too much detail but seem to work well. Tested only in IE 9. Will do some testing on other browsers.

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gligorov wrote Dec 16, 2011 at 12:50 AM

Attaching a screen shot of the updated theme.

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deychandan wrote May 3, 2013 at 11:18 AM


After use this build I found the issues are still exist.
1) Overlay and ZIndex of the menu items are hide in lower grid (Point 4)
2) Page most right side menu items are not showing the full text. (Point 6)
3) Menu/Menu Items background color not set to transparent/blue.